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First Play Review

First Play Review: Survival Ep.2

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the delays with Mystery Week, but I have come down with a small case of writer’s block. Until I can over come the block, I’m putting it on hold. Don’t worry though, it’ll be returning fairly soon, I promise.
Until then, I have decided to start a new series called “First Play Review” Basically as old islands return, I’ll be playing through them and writing a review of each one.

During my early Poptropica days in 2014 and 2016 I had no clue what to do on the islands, or that you were supposed to do something. So in technical terms, I have only played one island.Why not use that to my advantage?

Dive right in!

Today I shall be reviewing Survival Ep.2 Hook, Line, and Sinker.


Over all, the play through is decent. However, there wasn’t really any puzzles and the challenges were mostly pretty obvious, in my opinion.

Leap frog on a log.

The only part that I struggled with was keeping the beavers from fixing the holes. Once I figured it out, I kept falling into the water and failing to get out.
This was the only part that didn’t present a very obvious solution.

You push me over the edge.

Though the play-through was very iterative and fun, it was seemed fairly simple. I’d give it a 3 out of 5 in play-through.


You really can’t have much of a storyline with catching a fish for food. However, Poptropica does do a great job with telling a story through-out the whole Survival Island. It captures the struggle of surviving alone in the wild. This episode is no exception, the episode actually makes a story about catching a single fish entertaining. From the freezing water, to persistent beavers, to the fishing a boot out of a tree. It makes me want the replay the island over and over again.
Plus, the ending does a prefect job of helping lead up to climax of the full story. I’d give it a full 5 out of 5 for the Storyline.

Winner winner! Fish dinner!


I’m not going to lie, the scenery actually seems peaceful, but I guess if you’ve been stuck outside it for a couple of days, it would be less peaceful and more threating. I would never want to be stuck in it for days. But I wouldn’t mind taking a short walk in it, or looking out a window to it’s views. I’d give it a 5 out of 5 for the scenery.

Robe climber


This island is very iterative and fun. The story is good, and the scenery is pleasant to look at. However, this island isn’t very challenging and fairly simple. Overall, I’d give this island 4 out of 5.

So what did you think, of survival Ep2 Hook, Line and Sinker? Share in the comments.

-Dizzy Feather

Mystery Week

Mystery Week: November 2022: Caught Red-Handed

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to mystery week! I did interview the two remaining suspects today, and I’ll share them tomorrow, just for fun. Because, the Thief was caught in action!
Early this morning Amelia heard a loud crash and when she investigated the noise, she found a Poptropican in the same clothes as the thief caught on camera.

Caught red-handed

Amelia tied up the thief and called the police immediately. The theft was brought to the local police station, where they discovered that the thief was none other than Gwendolyn Risk!

When questioned Gwendolyn claims , ” I was captured by someone in a mask. That someone put this outfit over the clothes I had on. I was brought over to Adventurers Outfitters and locked inside! When I got up, I tripped and broke a nearby shelf. I’m not the thief!”

I’ll look into Gwendolyn’s claim further, but for now I will say that Mystery Week will last 7 days, as promised, so stay tuned!

-Detective Dizzy Feather

A clue that would’ve helped figure out who the thief was
Mystery Week

Mystery Week: November 3022: Interviews Part one

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry about the delay in this post, but I may have forgotten to hit the button to set the posts to be published on Thursday and Friday , and I didn’t log in to make sure they did, oops. Don’t worry though, Mystery Week will not be cut short.

Earlier today I interviewed Young Rider, here’s how it went:


DF: So Young Rider, where were you at 11:41 pm. on Friday of last week?

YR: I don’t appreciate being blamed for robbing the store. I was at home sleeping!

DF: Anyone who can confirm that story?

YR: Call the lady who lives across the street from me, she never sleeps at night. She just sits there and stares out the window at my house. There’s also a traffic camera nearby.

DF: A traffic camera? On Mystery Train Island?

YR: Of course not. I have a vacation home on Goofball Island. I’ve been staying there for a couple of weeks now.

DF: Where?

YR: On Goof side, a little to the left of the Crazy Club.

*sound of someone typing on a computer*

DF: Huh, right at 9:00 pm. the camera went down. Can I have the phone number of the lady who you said lives across the street from you?

YR: Sure. Hand me a piece of paper and a pen, I’ll write it down for you. *minute long pause * Here you go.

DF: Thank you! I’ll call the lady shortly, you’re free to go. Thank you for your time.

* dialing tone*

DF: Hi. Do you live across the street from Young rider?.. You do? great!.. yes ma’am, sorry, anyway I’m investigating a robbery and Young Rider is a suspect. I was calling to see if you saw the suspect leaving the house last Friday night… She didn’t. Thank you!


The thief wasn’t Young Rider

Young Rider is off the hook. Two suspects remain, Smart Icicle and Gwendolyn Risk!
Share you thoughts in the comments!

-Detective Dizzy Feather