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Not a Wednesday Call Out but a Call for Some Assistance and a Contest

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Hello Everyone,

I know it’s Wednesday and I promised a call out post last week. But I’m working on a really big project, and I need some help with it. I’m working on finding Poptropica Fanfictions, and there are a lot of them out there. So here’s how you can help: If you wrote a Poptropica Fanfiction, or know of any, send me the link or tell me the title of it. Just make sure they follow these guidelines:

  • It’s kid-friendly
  • It doesn’t have any bad words.
  • It’s related to Poptropica
  • no one-shots
  • I can still access it

If you send one in, I’ll read it and determine if I can add it or not. I’ll be researching some on my own but I would appreciate some help with it.

I’m also working on a new header for this blog, I’ll be honest I didn’t do to great of a job on the current one, I would love to draw one, but I’m a terrible drawer, so I’m limited to Google Drawings and Poptropica screenshots. So I’m going to hold a small contest. Create a header for this blog, the one I like best will be used as the new header, If you want to participate here are things to keep in mind:

  • If your 13+ you can submit your designs by sending me, Dizzy Feather#6386 a direct message through Discord, you can find me on the PHC. You can also place it on DeviantArt and post the link in the comments. Please don’t make me have to download your header to see it, if I choose your header, I’ll take a screenshot of it.
  • You can use any medium you like, just keep in mind if you use a non-digital medium, make sure you get a good clear picture of it.
  • Keep it kid-friendly
  • Keep it a similar shape and size to the current header.
  • Send it to me before August 30th for it to count.
  • Make Sure you Header has Dizzy Feather’s Poptropica blog somewhere.

You can take your header anywhere you like just keep it kid-friendly. Here are some optional ideas for things to add on your header:

  • Me! This is my blog and it would make sense to put me on the header, or my alter ego, The Pink Knight.
  • My favorite NPC in Poptropica is Dr. Hare, so adding him would be nice, but make sure he’s not the center piece of the header.
  • A purple theme, the main color on this site is soft purple.
  • The iconic yellow blimp. It’s a Poptropica blog, and the yellow blimp is a part of Poptropica.
  • My favorite selfie spot In-Game, the base of the former Xavier statue on Home Island.
In Between the two statues
  • The site tagline, “For all Poptropica Fans both Old and New.”

That’s it for this post, feel free to participate in one, or both of the things in this post.

-Dizzy Feather


Guest Post- Poptropica Clubhouse Tour- Shadow Hare

Hello Everyone, Shadow Hare is back to give us a tour of his clubhouse. Enjoy!

Dr. Hare.



Thanks Shadow Hare for the amazing clubhouse tour! Hope everyone enjoyed it as well.

Daily Comics, News Report

Breaking News: The Red Baroness is Gone! As two Official Guest Bloggers Return

Hello Everyone,

If you logged into Poptropica today, you might have noticed this,

The Baroness is always hanging from the rope, when she makes her monthly but not this month. She’s not at her spot on the deck either,

Inside her cabin we have a new stock of goodies, and this month’s contest winners, The Hair, and The Banana. Plus a selection of future from the Baroness’s cabin (which is now closed off).

The Hair
Baroness Goodies for this month

The Baroness is not inside either, Ack is in her chair answering only in Acks,

Th Red Baronesses disappearance could be connected to her Eye twitch, and Rumpelstiltskin obsession last month. Seems to me like a new Side Quest is on the horizon.

Moving on from the Airship Mystery, we have Invisible Ring and I returning this month for our Official Creators Blog, Guest Posts. Invisible Ring gave us a 20-minute guide for Summer Fun. While I shared the Second Part of The Poptropican Heroes, inviting one of the readers to be in the next parts.

Only a screenshot
Poptropica Worlds Pink Knight

Since I’ve been lazy on the Daily Comics:


-Dizzy Feather



The First Ever Guest Post- Top Five Outfits in Poptropica Ranked- Shadow Hare

Hello Everyone I’ve decided to allow guest post on here after Shadow hare sent me a DM on Discord asking me if he can post this. Enjoy!

My name is Shadow Hare and I’ll be showing you my Top five outfits in Poptropica. But before I start I would like to thank you, Dizzy Feather for letting me do this, you have no idea what it is going to lead to. Let’s start with number five,

5. Escapee Dr.Hare

Little wet, dirty and unflattering but at least the head piece, the belt, the goggles, the cotton tail, and the teeth are there.

4. Night Hare

I didn’t this one in time, but I wished I did, it’s a great outfit.

3. Light Hare

A great outfit, but it’s white! Imagine trying to keep the stains out of that.

2. Shadow Hare

Right before I set up my current account, this one was my favroite since I could’nt get Number one on this list at the time. So my user name is shadowhare now, you can friend me if you want to.

  1. Dr. Hare’s Outfit

Dr. Hare is the best Villain in Poptropica, and his Outfit is just as great!

Thanks, Shadow Hare for writing this! Hope everyone enjoyed the first ever guest post.