Future Heroes of Poptropica: Episode One, Part One

Hello Everyone,

As the title suggests, this is episode one of the Future Heroes of Poptropica , I know I finished it quickly. The first few episodes are going to be a little boring but they will get better, I promise. Anyways, Let’s get started:

Dizzy Feather (voice over):

Each year my school hosted a musical that year it was one called, Imagination land of the unknown.

(The voiceover stops here)

In a school atrium , kids of all ages are on the floor, as a lady wearing a dark green and yellow plaid dress is on stage speaking into a microphone.


After reviewing grades and watching each one of your auditions , I have put together our school musical’s cast!

Dizzy Feather (VO):

I faked my audition so I would be anything but a character with lines, or a character who sang. But I was sure that my audition looked bad enough.


The Cat Queen will be played by Gentle Bird, The Dog Queen will be played by Scary Bee, The Lion King will be played by Tough Ant, The flowers will be Icy Icicle and Calm Heart, The Gingerbread Kids will be played by Pink Melon and Shy Owl, The Candy Princess will be played by Hyper Clown, The Cookie Prince will be played by Grumpy Pear, the Vegetable King is Busy Pelican, and the Bakers are going to be Young Crab, Young Flame, Tall Eagle, Loud Seal, and Shoeless Runner.

1st, 3rd, and 4th graders will be in the musical choir.

If your last name start with the letters A-H you will be a cat following the Cat Queen, if your last name begins with the letters I-P you’ll be a Lion Cub following the Lion King, and if your last name starts with the letters Q-Z you’ll be Dogs following the Dog Queen, Except for Dizzy Feather who will be singing , Trust Each Other.

(The lady stops talking here)

Dizzy Feather, who is sitting in the crowd loses all color in her face before fainting.

That’s it for this part. Stay tuned for next time.

-Dizzy Feather

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