News Report

Luck of the Werewolves and Shop Refresh

Hello Everyone,

It’s the beginning of the month and I got more news than I ever have, so far. A new month, and week has started bringing members gifts and a shop refresh let’s start there,

(This next section is an overview of a Creator’s Blog post) This month’s members gifts are the Werewolf Costume, the Werewolf feet, and Little Moon follower.

The floor of Adventurers Outfitters has been restocked bringing out, purple, and blue electric bikes for 200 credits each, a members only red collage-style scooter for 100 credits, and a 200 credit skateboard. Plus a Rad-poster for Members only at the price of 75 credits. Everyone can also stock their kitchen with a Burger, a soda bottle, a sub sandwich, and a milkshake, each snack costing 75 credits each.

On the other side we have the two featured outfits for this month, Xenon Trooper for everyone at 250 credits, and Retro Robot for Members only at 350 credits.

This week also brings the weekly shop refresh, this week it bring us all Tie Die Trends for 250 credits, Frog Buckets for 250 credits, Fitness Fun for 250 credits, and the two featured outfits from July for 350 credits each. Members can add, Body Builder, Acidic Dinosaur each for 150 credits, and Glam Gamer Girl for 250 credits.

Also new on Home Island is an Ad for Luck, if you watch the Video you’ll receive, Luck Horseshoe Toss, and Luck Shamrock Sticker, both have a special power when you tap the spacebar.

Your Poptropican tosses The horseshoe into the air when you apply the horseshoe
Your Poptropican leans down and leaves a shamrock where you are at when you apply the Shamrock

That’s it for today’s news, see you next time!

-Dizzy Feather

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