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Not a Wednesday Call Out but a Contest

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I’m working on a new header for this blog, I’ll be honest I didn’t do to great of a job on the current one, I would love to draw one, but I’m a terrible drawer, so I’m limited to Google Drawings and Poptropica screenshots. So I’m going to hold a small contest. Create a header for this blog, the one I like best will be used as the new header, If you want to participate here are things to keep in mind:

  • If your 13+ you can submit your designs by sending me, Dizzy Feather#6386 a direct message through Discord, you can find me on the PHC. You can also place it on DeviantArt and post the link in the comments. Please don’t make me have to download your header to see it, if I choose your header, I’ll take a screenshot of it.
  • You can use any medium you like, just keep in mind if you use a non-digital medium, make sure you get a good clear picture of it.
  • Keep it kid-friendly
  • Keep it a similar shape and size to the current header.
  • Send it to me before August 30th for it to count.
  • Make Sure you Header has Dizzy Feather’s Poptropica blog somewhere.

You can take your header anywhere you like just keep it kid-friendly. Here are some optional ideas for things to add on your header:

  • Me! This is my blog and it would make sense to put me on the header, or my alter ego, The Pink Knight.
  • My favorite NPC in Poptropica is Dr. Hare, so adding him would be nice, but make sure he’s not the center piece of the header.
  • A purple theme, the main color on this site is soft purple.
  • The iconic yellow blimp. It’s a Poptropica blog, and the yellow blimp is a part of Poptropica.
  • My favorite selfie spot In-Game, the base of the former Xavier statue on Home Island.
In Between the two statues
  • The site tagline, “For all Poptropica Fans both Old and New.”

That’s it for this post, feel free to participate in the contest.

-Dizzy Feather

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