Fanfiction Archive

Hello Everyone,

This is where you’ll find a list of Poptropica Fanfictions. Here’s a quick guide to what the symbols next to the titles mean:

🪶 Means I wrote it.

😭 Means it was discontinued

📰 Means it is still being added to.

🎉 Means it was completed

📱 Means it was published on a blog that is still active

💻 Means it was published on a blog that is no longer active.

The Pink Knight 🪶📱🎉

The Poptropican Heroes 🪶📱📰

The Storm’s Calamity 📰

The Mighty Adventures of Brave Noodle 😭💻


Totem Curse 😭💻

Pop TV💻🎉

Fairytale Island Fanfiction📱📰

What Really Happened to Balloon Boy📱🎉

The Princess and the Raven 📱📰

Fairytale Fanfiction Challenge Winners 📱🎉

Nevermore/Forevermore 🎉

Giant Hawk’s Adventures😭📱

The Popcorn Magazine (contained some) 📱🎉

The Villain Saga📱📰

The Future Heroes of Poptropica🪶😭📱

Please let me know if I forgot to add one, or mislabeled one in the comments.

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