Mystery Week

DFPB Mystery Week- August 2022- The First Clue

Hello everyone,

Today’s the second day of the DFPB Mystery Week , yesterday I shared the suspect files and today I’ll be sharing an important clue I was alerted about, You see, the person who sent me the note yesterday, sent me another one today:

Your going to have to search through the archives of this site to find where the clue is, but to save time I recommend you analyze the clue. But before you go looking for it, I put together why each suspect would have a motive to goofifiy the bland half of Goofball Island.

Love Feather: Enhanced her blimps with materials that were once found on the bland side of the island when it was still goofy.

Magic Moon: Planned to host a game show called “Crazy Wayz” at city hall, but the show was canceled after the Dr. Blandston incident.

Gwendolyn: Strongly believes an island should fully live up to it’s name.

Mighty Monster: Wanted to visit Goofball Island “at it’s full craziness”.

Quick Fire: Disagrees with the decision of Goofball island being balanced.

Purple Paw: Loved to visit the west side of Goofball island, when it was still goofy.

Irregular Jon: Strongly dislikes blandness, but love goofiness.

Smart Bubbles: Had a friend who loved being goofy but was blandified when the island became “balanced”. Smart Bubble’s friend became goofy once again, during the incident.

So tell me who your top Suspects are and/or if you were able to find the clue (please don’t share where it is, it takes the fun away from others). Remember you can share your thoughts, even if your a suspect.

-Detective Dizzy Feather


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