The Adventures of Shy Owl- Prologue/ Announcement

Hello Everyone,

Today’s the day I publish the prologue, this story is about Dizzy Feather’s cousin, Shy Owl, two years prior to the events of The Pink Knight, it’s a little bit sadder then my other fanfics, so Shy moved in with her Grandmother, who lived in the Dark Woods on Fairytale Island, but Shy Owl eventually ends up getting trapped in the woods. I won’t say much more for now. Anyways, here is the prologue.

Dizzy Feather (voiceover):

They say that a large white owl stays in a part of the dark woods for most of its entire life, right before it’s death, it’ll hibernate for a total of 3 months before flying off to lay a single egg.

White Owls clear paths in the section of the woods they reside in, when an owl departs, just two short days later, the paths will be overrun with vines.

Most residents of the woods pack up their belongings as soon as the owl goes into hibernation, and then you have people like my Grandmother, who practically raised the owl, and refuses to leave the owl in its final months of life.

My cousin, Shy Owl, tried to get our Grandmother to leave the woods as soon as she realized the owl had gone into hibernation. Our Grandmother refused to leave, so Shy saw it fit to stay with her and make sure she would get out before it was too late.

Fade in:

In the Dark Woods we see Shy Owl climb to a large wooden structure, where a giant white owl is sound asleep . Shy Owl gently taps one of the bird’s talons. Then she jumps onto a tree branch a little ways beneath where she was. She picks up a fallen feather and examines it closely. we hear a loud sigh as she makes her way into a cozy looking log cabin.

Inside the cabin is an old lady seated in a rocking chair, she’s holding a pair of knitting needles, acting as though she is knitting, however there is no yarn anywhere nearby.


How was your walk dear?

Shy Owl:

Not very good, that owl is going to wake up any day now, we should leave.


Shy! I told you before, I’m not leaving until the owl leaves.

Shy Owl:

Can we at least start packing?


Shy Owl! Go to your room!

Shy Owl:

Is that a yes?


You know what? You are grounded young lady! You will stay inside for the entire day tomorrow!

Shy Owl:

But, the owl…


And not another word about the owl.

Shy Owls marches up the stairs.

We’re left looking at the staircase for a few seconds before the scene changes to Shy Owl laying on her bed staring at the ceiling.

Shy Owl:

I’m just trying to protect her, *sigh* I wish Dizzy or Hyper was here, they would know what to do.

Shy Owl sits up and opens the top drawer of a small table near her bed, she pulls out a silver circular round locket attached to a matching chain. When Shy opens it, we see a small picture of a flower bouquet with yellow, purple, and pink flowers, below it are the words, “No matter how far we are apart, we’re still as close as we were.” Shy closes the locket and falls back over the bed, the locket still in her hand.

Shy Owl:

I’ll see you two again real soon, after all you need me as much as I need you.

That’s it for now, see you next time!

-Dizzy Feather

Shy Owl

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