adventures of shy owl

The Adventures of Shy Owl: Episode One: Prison of Vines

Hello Everyone,

If you haven’t read the prologue, I recommend you read it before continue reading the rest of this post.

*Fade in*

From a bird’s eye view we Shy Owl laying on her back staring at the sky above her, large green vines surrounds her. After a few moments she gets up on her feet and looks around.

We see a quick flash of Shy’s grandmother leaving the cabin when the sun is setting, once she’s out of the woods, we hear a loud hoot and see the white owl fly away, the sun rises and sets for two days, silhouettes of large vines creep through the forest. After those two days a large vine splits the cabin in half.

?: She left you.

Shy Owl: huh? who’s there? What are you talking about?

?: Your Grandma left you all alone so you would be trapped here.

Shy Owl: I’m sure she didn’t know, besides I’m sure I can still get out.

?: It’s been three days, the vines have blocked the exit.

Shy walks to where the exit used to be, but instead finds vines interwoven together, leaving not a gap.

Shy Owl: Guess I’ll stray away from the path to find an exit.

?: You’re going to get lost.

Shy Owl: Who even are you?

?: The Voice of the Woods.

Shy Owl: Only crazy lost people hear The Voice of the Woods, and I’m not lost, or crazy.

TVOTW (The Voice of the Woods): If I’m not a figment of your imagination, how do you explain that you hear me, but don’t see me?

Shy Owl: You’re hiding somewhere.

TVOTW: if I’m hiding, come and find me.

Shy runs to where she thinks “the voice of the woods is at, only to find a cloud of blood red smoke.

Shy Owl: I know I’m not alone.

TVOTW: Ha! Of course your not, you got me, your imaginary voice friend.

Shy Owl: Well, whoever you are, I don’t need someone following me, so go away!

TVOTW: Where are you going?

Shy Owl: To find a way out of here.

Shy pushes apart two bushes and walks off the path.

TVOTW: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Shy Owl: And why not?

No reply.

Shy Owl: Finally, the “Voice of the Woods” is gone.

TVOTW: I wouldn’t wander off the path, there’s nothing there to tell you which way your going, you could wander around in there until you die.

Shy Owl: I’ll keep walking strait, I’ll get out eventually.

TVOTW: You have to sleep sometime. You could wake up and forget which way you were going.

Shy Owl: I’ll draw an arrow in the dirt, pointing that direction.

TVOTW: You may have to go around something.

Shy Owl: Will you please stop! I got this.

TVOTW: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Shy walks farther and farther away from the path, until she looks back and no longer sees the path. She continues walking, until she draws an arrow in the dirt, lays down and falls asleep. A dark cloaked figure emerge from a nearby bush.

Cloaked figure (sounds exactly like TVOTW): Little off from what I hade in mind, but I can make it work.


*Fade out*

Maybe that figment of Shy Owl’s imagination isn’t imaginary.

The cloaked figure

– Dizzy Feather

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