Interview with the Founder/Head of the PHB

Hello Everyone,

I recently asked Slanted Fish to see if she would be willing to let me interview her, and she kindly agreed to it.

Thanks for having me, Dizzy Feather!

1. To start things off, what is your favorite Poptropica memory? Either in-game or in the community.

So many good mems, it’s hard to choose! In-game, it was super cool to be surprised with a “PHB 1” license plate in Escape From Pelican Rock Island.

Also from a Pop Creator, Dr. Lange’s tribute drawing of the PHB team is definitely one to remember.

In the community, our April Fools’ pranks — and the reactions they get — are always highlights.

2. Have you ever looked back at some of your earlier PHB posts, just to see how much you’ve improved?

Occasionally, it’s nice to look back on some older posts to see what the pulse of Poptropica and its fandom was like in those moments. The earliest ones are rarely browsed, as the cringe increases the further back it goes, but they remain as memories to more childish times. 🙂

3. The PHB seems very well organized, especially when it April Fools Day jokes and the Poppies. So what does collaboration look like between the PHB staff?

Thanks for the appreciation! The PHB team mainly collaborates through our own Discord server, where we plan events, news posts, and just have fun. Some events take weeks and even months of planning to pull off, so communication is important!

4. What does the process of hiring a new author look like? Do you already have one in mind, or do you start looking when a current author steps down?

It doesn’t necessarily have to follow another’s departure. Some factors we look for in considering potential staff are whether there’s a need and opening (we generally keep our team with around 7–10 staff), blogging experience, and activity in the community. If you’re interested in becoming a staff writer for the PHB, check out our “Write for the PHB” page ( )!

5. For those looking to start their own Poptropica blog, can you give some advice?

Make it your own! Share what piques your interest and do things others aren’t doing, or at least in a way that’s different. Plus, connect with other Poptropicans so they can see how cool your blog is — the PHC Discord server ( is a family-friendly space where you’re welcome to do just that. Most importantly, have fun!

6. Which island do you miss the most?

Although not a standout in terms of gameplay, I’m most nostalgic for Shark Tooth, since its simplicity and island vibes are part of what drew me into the world of Poptropica. However, if I could pick one lost island to return, I’d vote for Astro-Knights, an adventure that really showcases Poptropica’s whimsy and complexity.

I wonder what’s in there…

7. Last but not least, do you use any programs like, Avatar Studio Gift, Flashpoint, etc.?

Some time ago, I enjoyed putting costumes together with a combination of the ASG, MAP, and iPop, but it’s become increasingly challenging to do so with changes in tech affecting the usability of these glitching tools.

I recently downloaded Flashpoint since it became available for Mac in beta, but personally don’t touch it much these days as I’m pretty occupied with other things, including running a Pop fansite!

Thanks again, for your time Slanted Fish!

-Dizzy Feather

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