adventures of shy owl

The Adventures of Shy Owl: Episode Two: She Still Cares?

Hello Everyone,

I added a page that’ll have all the episodes of this series, so if anyone wants to binge read them in the future , you don’t have to track every episode down and risk missing episodes, instead you can open the page up, and sit down to what will eventually be a nice long read.

Also, season two will be about a group of friends traveling from island to island, but since there’s a Fanfiction with a similar concept already, I’m going to throw a twist to it, and as some of you already know, change the series title due to the fact that it’s almost the exact same, so the story is 100% original. That said I now give you episode two.

*Fade in*

The Voice of the Woods is sitting on a large vine, glaring at Shy Owl, who is using a stick to peel a glowing spot of a mushroom.

TVOTW (The voice of the woods): What are you doing?

Shy Owl: I’m getting myself breakfast.

TVOTW: Oh, yes, the bug patty. Say, is that all there is to eat in here?

Shy Owl: Well there isn’t much, only the square berry in the pink flowers, and the flying seeds.

TVOTW: Then why are you not eating one of those?

Shy Owl: I would, but the berries have to soak in water for about a minute, or be wiped down with the cloth, that I no longer have.

TVOTW: What happened to it?

Shy Owl: I lost it.

TVOTW: You lost it?

*Sounds of laughter*

Shy Owl: Yes. I lost it, ok?

TVOTW: Think anyone remembers you?

Shy Owl: Of course. Dizzy would never forget me.

Shy Owl (cont’d):

No matter how far away we are, we’re still as close as we were.

TVOTW: You don’t truly believe that do you?

Shy Owl: I do.

TVOTW: You shouldn’t.

Shy Owl: and why not?

TVOTW: Because Dizzy doesn’t care about you.

Shy Owl: You’re lying!

A flashback starts, a young Shy Owl and Dizzy Feather are standing beside each other, wearing matching dark blue dresses.

Dizzy Feather: You know Shy, I don’t know what will happen after today. But no matter what, I promise that I’ll always care about you, no matter what.

Shy Owl (Voiceover): She meant it. I know she did.

*Fade back to the Dark Woods*

TVOTW: When was that?

Shy Owl: Six years ago.

TVOTW: Exactly! People change, they forget their promises, no matter how much they meant what they said.

Shy Owl: True. But Dizzy’s my sister, she loves me just as much as I love her.

TVOTW: Does Dizzy Feather feel that your her sister?

Shy Owl: I believe she does.

TVOTW: You believe so. You don’t know for sure.

Shy Owl: Why are you saying this?

TVOTW: I’m a figment of your imagination, I’m just saying what you truly believe, what you believe deep down inside.

Shy Owl: *sigh* I’m going to settle down here for the night.

The Voice of the Woods moves behind a bush.

TVOTW (whispering) : Shy, your stronger then I thought you were.


*Fade out*

That’s all. For now…

-Dizzy Feather

Shy Owl

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