News Report

Transformers+ Fall Leaf Jump

Hello Everyone,

A new ad have arrived on Home Island for Nickelodeon’s Transformers Earth-Spark.

Arachamechs, ok…

You can choose to play as either Twitch or Thrash (doesn’t matter which, the prizes are the same).

The choice is yours

Your job is to get to Bumble Bee, by working your way through a maze and avoiding the spider-robots. If you stay to close for to long, your danger meter goes up. If you danger meter gets to high, you have to start over. (similar to the Zomberry Special Event in a way).

When you win you get Thrash Motorcycle Rider and Twitch Drone Rider. Note about the drone prize: You can’t speak to any NPCs while wearing it.

Motorcycle prize (right) Drone prize (left)

To wrap thing up, why don’t you have your Poptropican jump in a pile of leaves? To celebrate fall and the many childhoods Poptropica has been a part of. Maybe it’s a little cheesy, but I’m going to have fun with it, anyway.

Leaf Jumper

-Dizzy Feather


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