Comment Policy

We know we don’t get much comments on here but for anyone who is going to comment on here we set up these rules:

No Spamming: Spamming the comment section is both rude and annoying, so if you want to spam, don’t do it here.

No Trolling: Don’t get people upset and/or mad, through your comments. We understand if it’s an accident but don’t aim for it.

Be Kind: We believe everyone is entitled to share their opinions, so be kind when others and myself share Poptropica opinions, and be kind while sharing your own Poptropica opinions.

Keep it Kid-friendly: This blog is for all fans of Poptropica both Old and New, and those fans could be any age, so keep your comments G-rated.

No Personal Info: This is for your own protection.

Stay On-Topic: Talking about something un-related to the post is a way of spamming, breaking rule number one.

Talk with Decent Grammar: Keep Lols, U, Btws, etc. at a minimum so I can understand what you’re saying, if we can’t understand it counts as spamming.

No email, no problem: Since the comments are set up to require an email, and some may not have one or don’t want to share it, make one up, we don’t need an email from you. If you put your real email, that’s fine too, we won’t share it and/or email you.

If your comment breaks any of these rules, it will be deleted, if you continue to break the rules two more time you’ll lose your comment privileges.

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