The Adventures of Shy Owl: Season One (Prologue-Episode Five)

Hello Everyone,

This is where you can read the entire season one of The Adventures of Shy Owl.

  1. Prologue/Announcement
  2. Episode One: Prison of Vines
  3. Episode Two: She Still Cares?
  4. Episode Three: A Little Pear
  5. Episode Four: You’re Wrong
  6. Episode Five: Glowing Bird


Dizzy Feather (voiceover):

They say that a large white owl stays in a part of the dark woods for most of its entire life, right before it’s death, it’ll hibernate for a total of 3 months before flying off to lay a single egg.

White Owls clear paths in the section of the woods they reside in, when an owl departs, just two short days later, the paths will be overrun with vines.

Most residents of the woods pack up their belongings as soon as the owl goes into hibernation, and then you have people like my Grandmother, who practically raised the owl, and refuses to leave the owl in its final months of life.

My cousin, Shy Owl, tried to get our Grandmother to leave the woods as soon as she realized the owl had gone into hibernation. Our Grandmother refused to leave, so Shy saw it fit to stay with her and make sure she would get out before it was too late.

Fade in:

In the Dark Woods we see Shy Owl climb to a large wooden structure, where a giant white owl is sound asleep . Shy Owl gently taps one of the bird’s talons. Then she jumps onto a tree branch a little ways beneath where she was. She picks up a fallen feather and examines it closely. we hear a loud sigh as she makes her way into a cozy looking log cabin.

Inside the cabin is an old lady seated in a rocking chair, she’s holding a pair of knitting needles, acting as though she is knitting, however there is no yarn anywhere nearby.


How was your walk dear?

Shy Owl:

Not very good, that owl is going to wake up any day now, we should leave.


Shy! I told you before, I’m not leaving until the owl leaves.

Shy Owl:

Can we at least start packing?


Shy Owl! Go to your room!

Shy Owl:

Is that a yes?


You know what? You are grounded young lady! You will stay inside for the entire day tomorrow!

Shy Owl:

But, the owl…


And not another word about the owl.

Shy Owls marches up the stairs.

We’re left looking at the staircase for a few seconds before the scene changes to Shy Owl laying on her bed staring at the ceiling.

Shy Owl:

I’m just trying to protect her, *sigh* I wish Dizzy or Hyper was here, they would know what to do.

Shy Owl sits up and opens the top drawer of a small table near her bed, she pulls out a silver circular round locket attached to a matching chain. When Shy opens it, we see a small picture of a flower bouquet with yellow, purple, and pink flowers, below it are the words, “No matter how far we are apart, we’re still as close as we were.” Shy closes the locket and falls back over the bed, the locket still in her hand.

Shy Owl:

I’ll see you two again real soon, after all you need me as much as I need you.

Shy Owl

Episode One: Prison of Vines

*Fade in*

From a bird’s eye view we Shy Owl laying on her back staring at the sky above her, large green vines surrounds her. After a few moments she gets up on her feet and looks around.

We see a quick flash of Shy’s grandmother leaving the cabin when the sun is setting, once she’s out of the woods, we hear a loud hoot and see the white owl fly away, the sun rises and sets for two days, silhouettes of large vines creep through the forest. After those two days a large vine splits the cabin in half.

?: She left you.

Shy Owl: huh? who’s there? What are you talking about?

?: Your Grandma left you all alone so you would be trapped here.

Shy Owl: I’m sure she didn’t know, besides I’m sure I can still get out.

?: It’s been three days, the vines have blocked the exit.

Shy walks to where the exit used to be, but instead finds vines interwoven together, leaving not a gap.

Shy Owl: Guess I’ll stray away from the path to find an exit.

?: You’re going to get lost.

Shy Owl: Who even are you?

?: The Voice of the Woods.

Shy Owl: Only crazy lost people hear The Voice of the Woods, and I’m not lost, or crazy.

TVOTW (The Voice of the Woods): If I’m not a figment of your imagination, how do you explain that you hear me, but don’t see me?

Shy Owl: You’re hiding somewhere.

TVOTW: if I’m hiding, come and find me.

Shy runs to where she thinks “the voice of the woods is at, only to find a cloud of blood red smoke.

Shy Owl: I know I’m not alone.

TVOTW: Ha! Of course your not, you got me, your imaginary voice friend.

Shy Owl: Well, whoever you are, I don’t need someone following me, so go away!

TVOTW: Where are you going?

Shy Owl: To find a way out of here.

Shy pushes apart two bushes and walks off the path.

TVOTW: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Shy Owl: And why not?

No reply.

Shy Owl: Finally, the “Voice of the Woods” is gone.

TVOTW: I wouldn’t wander off the path, there’s nothing there to tell you which way your going, you could wander around in there until you die.

Shy Owl: I’ll keep walking strait, I’ll get out eventually.

TVOTW: You have to sleep sometime. You could wake up and forget which way you were going.

Shy Owl: I’ll draw an arrow in the dirt, pointing that direction.

TVOTW: You may have to go around something.

Shy Owl: Will you please stop! I got this.

TVOTW: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Shy walks farther and farther away from the path, until she looks back and no longer sees the path. She continues walking, until she draws an arrow in the dirt, lays down and falls asleep. A dark cloaked figure emerge from a nearby bush.

Cloaked figure (sounds exactly like TVOTW): Little off from what I hade in mind, but I can make it work.


*Fade out*

The cloaked figure

Episode Two: She Still Cares?

*Fade in*

The Voice of the Woods is sitting on a large vine, glaring at Shy Owl, who is using a stick to peel a glowing spot of a mushroom.

TVOTW (The voice of the woods): What are you doing?

Shy Owl: I’m getting myself breakfast.

TVOTW: Oh, yes, the bug patty. Say, is that all there is to eat in here?

Shy Owl: Well there isn’t much, only the square berry in the pink flowers, and the flying seeds.

TVOTW: Then why are you not eating one of those?

Shy Owl: I would, but the berries have to soak in water for about a minute, or be wiped down with the cloth, that I no longer have.

TVOTW: What happened to it?

Shy Owl: I lost it.

TVOTW: You lost it?

*Sounds of laughter*

Shy Owl: Yes. I lost it, ok?

TVOTW: Think anyone remembers you?

Shy Owl: Of course. Dizzy would never forget me.

Shy Owl (cont’d):

No matter how far away we are, we’re still as close as we were.

TVOTW: You don’t truly believe that do you?

Shy Owl: I do.

TVOTW: You shouldn’t.

Shy Owl: and why not?

TVOTW: Because Dizzy doesn’t care about you.

Shy Owl: You’re lying!

A flashback starts, a young Shy Owl and Dizzy Feather are standing beside each other, wearing matching dark blue dresses.

Dizzy Feather: You know Shy, I don’t know what will happen after today. But no matter what, I promise that I’ll always care about you, no matter what.

Shy Owl (Voiceover): She meant it. I know she did.

*Fade back to the Dark Woods*

TVOTW: When was that?

Shy Owl: Six years ago.

TVOTW: Exactly! People change, they forget their promises, no matter how much they meant what they said.

Shy Owl: True. But Dizzy’s my sister, she loves me just as much as I love her.

TVOTW: Does Dizzy Feather feel that your her sister?

Shy Owl: I believe she does.

TVOTW: You believe so. You don’t know for sure.

Shy Owl: Why are you saying this?

TVOTW: I’m a figment of your imagination, I’m just saying what you truly believe, what you believe deep down inside.

Shy Owl: *sigh* I’m going to settle down here for the night.

The Voice of the Woods moves behind a bush.

TVOTW (whispering) : Shy, your stronger then I thought you were.


*Fade out*

Episode Three: A Little Pear

*Fade in*

TVOTW (The Voice of the Woods) Is standing on a hill watching Shy Owl make her way through the woods.

TVOTW (whispering) : How do you still believe someone’s looking for you Shy?

?: Because someone still is.

TVOTW spins around and glares at a girl with light purple skin and hot pink hair.

TVOTW: *sigh* How did you get here, Little Pear?

Little Pear holds up a dark red tube of lipstick.

TVOTW: How on earth did you get your hands on that?

Little Pear: You dropped it after I got out of the “Off Path”.

TVOTW (sounding disappointed) : My plan didn’t work on you.

Little Pear: I see your trying that same plan again, on Shy this time.

TVOTW: Not the same plan, she’s a completely different person, and she requires a different approach. But my goal still stays the same.

Little Pear: What exactly is that “new approach”?

TVOTW: To convince Shy, that she’s going crazy, and Dizzy Feather doesn’t care about her, in fact she never has.

Little Pear: That’s going to be very difficult, Dizzy and Shy are closer than close, they are sisters in every which way, their only missing the DNA.

TVOTW: You say that like I don’t know that already, but I got it under control, I got a backup plan . If my plan doesn’t work, I’m going to show Shy the Glowing Bird.

Little Pear: The Glowing Bird?! Are you crazy?! The Vine Kids claim that they felt brainwashed.

TVOTW: I know, that’s why I’m going to do it, if my plan starts to fail.

Little Pear: Don’t do it. that bird’s dangerous, there’s a reason I was very vague about that legend in my book.

TVOTW: You can’t stop me if I decide to do so, now leave , and drop my lipstick when you do.

Little Pear puts the lipstick to her lower lip, a blood red cloud of smoke appears, when it fads, the lipstick is laying on the ground. TVOTW reaches down and pick’s it up.

TVOTW: Oh, Little Pear you don’t know who’s side your on anymore. Do you?

Little Pear

In case you haven’t put it together yet, the “How to Survive the Off Path in the Dark Woods of Fairytale Island“ was written by the character, Little Pear in the story, and it ties right into this season.

Episode Four: You’re Wrong

*Fade in*

We get a bird’s eye view of Shy crawling over a large fallen tree. It’s evident some time has past, as her hair is almost completely a bright coral color, the only brown hair left is near her roots.

Shy Owl: I would climb the vines to get a better view, but I don’t know about that “Glowing Bird” especially with my highly annoying halation. I never thought my mind would ever interpret The Voice of the Woods like it did. Dizzy never loved me! Ha! I need to get out fast, my imagination is going crazy.

*The screen switches to the eye-view from someone standing behind the trees looking at Shy*

TVOTW: Glad to see you finally admit it.

Shy Owl (Slightly to herself): *sigh* Speak of her and she will come.

TVOTW: Of course I would. I’m in your mind, it would make sense if you think about me and I appear.

Shy Owl: So if I control you how come I can’t get you to stop talking about how Dizzy never loved me and I’m losing my mind?

TVOTW: Because you know that’s the truth, but you won’t accept it.

Shy Owl: I have accepted the truth, Dizzy’s my sister and she loves me, just as much as I loved- love here.

TVOTW: Perhaps you don’t love her anymore.

Shy Owl: STOP!!

Her voice echoes through the woods and the screen focuses on her. A figure behind the trees jumps back at the scream.

Shy Owl: Just Stop, ok? I know Dizzy loves me, and I must have hit my head and created you! Because I would never say, or even think that. You’re wrong! In fact I wish you would just go away! Your not real! I need to get out of her and see a doctor, because I’m having crazy halations!

Shy sinks to her knees and starts to cry.

Shy Owl: I just want to see my family again, *sniff*, I should’ve never came out here, I should’ve stayed home and this would’ve never happened.

TVOTW (voice suggests an eyeroll): Oh, please.

Shy Owl: And you know what! I bet Dizzy is heartbroken right now! I bet she feels even worse than I do.

The scene fades and TVOTW pops into view, Shy is seen sleeping behind her. TVOTW pulls off her hood ever so slightly, reveling a frizzy strand of dark purple hair. She walks towards a weak tree, pushes it down, in a quick blur she adds tree logs, vines, stones, and stick to create a natural looking barrier.

TVOTW looks up at a vine, which appears to be the only way around the barrier, and the screen travels up the vine, and stops when a large glowing red and orange bird is sleeping, it’s eyes open, and it turns towards us.

*Fade out*

TVOTW: Time for plan B.

Episode Five: Glowing Bird

*Fade in*

Shy is looking at the blockade TVOTW ( the voice of the woods) set up in the previous episode. Shy tries to climb over it, only to fall and realize that she has to climb the vine.

The screen fades to black and the words “two weeks later” appear.

*fade in*

Shy is walking across the vines still, however her hair is now completely a coral pink color. Bellow her is a dozen or more blockades similar to the first one.

TVOTW: You still don’t know where those blockades are coming from?

Shy Owl: Nope, but I’m sure it’s something rational like the wind knocked stuff over.

TVOTW: The Dark Woods doesn’t get that much wind. 

Shy Owl: How else could it have happened, unless your not a hallucination and is some crazy person following me, and causing trouble for me. 

TVOTW: Wind. It’s the wind, most definitely the wind. Since I am your hallucination and all. Yep, it was the wind that knocked over the trees. 

Shy Owl: Ok… 

Shy continues in silence, and the scene fades. 

Dizzy Feather is standing beside a wooden chest holding the pink knight uniform. She glances at a picture of her and Shy before throwing the uniform into the chest and locking it. 

Dizzy Feather: *sigh* Shy’s gone, I might as well accept that , but I don’t know what to do without her.

*Fade in*

Shy’s foot slides off the vine and she nearly falls into the woods far below. But she grabs the vine and pulls herself back up. 
She resumes walking for a short time before freezing a couple of yards away from a large glowing bird with yellow and orange feathers. Shy screams as she sinks to her knees holding her head.

TVOTW: Now Shy. It’s time you accept my lie as truth. Dizzy Feather never has cared about you and nobody else has. All those adventurers could have gotten you out of here, but they didn’t. Because of those two things, you are going to want to make Dizzy’s and all those adventurers life’s much more difficult. 

*fade out*

The words “two years later” appears.

Shy is seen standing on a roof of a building holding a bow and arrow, she fires the arrow into the air.

*fade out*

4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Shy Owl: Season One (Prologue-Episode Five)”

  1. I love the story you created! It’s very creative and has lots of passion in it. I’ve never seen the Off Path Legends document before, it is in game?


    1. The Off-Path is inspired by the Dark Woods on Fairytale Island, when you doing the pizza delivery mini-game, the wolf pops it’s head out from behind the bushes. That plus the sleeping owl, inspired me to create the Off-Path. I was going to put in a lot of facts , that most likely wouldn’t be used in the plot. So when Community Creations theme was announced to be survival, I figured putting all those useless facts in a survival guide format would be perfect. As far as I’m aware it’s not like anything else, but if it is, it’s a total coincidence.


      1. Ah, I remember the Dark Woods. It was fun to play, glad to see a story based off of it! I like how Shy Owl battles the thoughts in her head regarding her sister. It creates good conflict in the story and makes it even more interesting. Love it, I can’t wait for more!


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