Wednesday Call outs

Introducing Wednesday Call outs

Hello Everyone,

For those who read my first post and/or my first News Report you know that this is the start of a DFPB series. Wednesday call outs will showcase a piece of fan creations each week, this week it’s The Storm’s Calamity a fanfiction by HeartOfEnder an amazing writer and artist.

Story’s Cover

When an ancient statue in a summer camp for brave adventurers suddenly speaks about a calamity that could wipe out all of Poptropica, four adventurers head off into the world in an attempt to fulfill a prophecy…

Although the story only has three chapters so far, the artwork on the cover is well designed, the story has just the right amount of funny moments, the story flows perfectly, and the plot is very interesting.

You can tell a lot of thought was put into this fanfiction when you read it. Great job HeartOfEnder!

That’s it for the first Wednesday Call outs post, I’ll keep an eye out on the web for next week’s. Until then enjoy, The Storms Calamity.

-Dizzy Feather

All credit for this week’s Call Out, Storm’s Calamity, is given to the creator, HeartOfEnder.

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