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Breaking News: The Red Baroness is Gone! As two Official Guest Bloggers Return

Hello Everyone,

If you logged into Poptropica today, you might have noticed this,

The Baroness is always hanging from the rope, when she makes her monthly but not this month. She’s not at her spot on the deck either,

Inside her cabin we have a new stock of goodies, and this month’s contest winners, The Hair, and The Banana. Plus a selection of future from the Baroness’s cabin (which is now closed off).

The Hair
Baroness Goodies for this month

The Baroness is not inside either, Ack is in her chair answering only in Acks,

Th Red Baronesses disappearance could be connected to her Eye twitch, and Rumpelstiltskin obsession last month. Seems to me like a new Side Quest is on the horizon.

Moving on from the Airship Mystery, we have Invisible Ring and I returning this month for our Official Creators Blog, Guest Posts. Invisible Ring gave us a 20-minute guide for Summer Fun. While I shared the Second Part of The Poptropican Heroes, inviting one of the readers to be in the next parts.

Only a screenshot
Poptropica Worlds Pink Knight

Since I’ve been lazy on the Daily Comics:


-Dizzy Feather


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